Softex refused to refund my $178 after product was returned.

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I purchased MS Office 2003 from Softex company with

1. Email address:

2. Physical address: Softex Online

11 S Angel Street

Providence, RI 02906

3. Phone: (401) 441-5066

4. Cost of software: $178.00 USD

Product was received too late and Softex promised to refund me my $178 once the received the product. I returned the product with a USPS tracking number 0306 2400 0001 6860 7739, which showed it was delivered, yet Softex never refunded me. I wrote them several times, no reply. They programmed their phone number above not to receive customers' calls.

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All Straighten out. It was just an honest mistake from their part. :)


Wow, I just tried installing the Office 2003 I got from Softex and the disc is defective! I hope they aren't some kind of Internet scam!!!!

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